.Roderick Mills /Briefing/

“… if you never get lost you never find anything new.” Thomas Schutte

Play and experimentation are essential parts of the creative process.

1_As a starting point visually respond to one of the following words. See this workshop as
a means of stepping outside your comfort zone to learn new techniques and approaches to work. Explore different techniques and media to communicate the meaning of the word.

starting point:
Repulsion; Subvert; Awkward; Hidden; Transformation; Power; Extinction;
Attraction; Oscillate; Illusion; Connection; Migrate; Devotion; Adoration;
Infect; Uncertain; Gratify; Joy; Fright; Defame; Gravity; Mesmerize;
Occupy; Voodoo; Majestic; Separate; Obstruct; Mimic; Lost; Magnetism.

2_Document the various experiments either as a poster, book, or film.


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